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Before you are able to complete your purchase of a firearm, federal law requires that you have a photo ID and to fill out ATF Form 4473, otherwise known as the Firearms Transaction Record. Kansas Gun Works holder must have a log of these forms to show to Firearms and Explosives if necessary. After filling out the form, the FFL will then run a personal background check on you through the federal system, called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The NICS provides the dealer with status on your application: approve, deny, or delay. The process can be very quick, but this is not always guaranteed.

our services


Upgrades to pistols, rifles and shotguns available.


Kansas Gun Works, does Full Customization work.


To buy a rifle or pistol, please provide the following: Make, model and caliber, as well as if you want any extra magazines.

our expertise

Trigger Jobs
  • Most Long Guns $60.00
  • 1911 & Clones $50.00
  • Semi-Automatic Handguns $50.00
  • Revolvers $50.00
  • 1911 & Clones $65.00
  • Semi-Automatic Handguns $65.00
Action Jobs
  • Most Long Guns $125.00
  • 1911 & Clones $125.00
  • Semi-Automatic Handguns $125.00
  • Revolvers $75.00
Scopes & Sights

Scopes & Sights

  • Scopes Mounted & Sighted for 100 yards $45.00 & up
  • Includes lapping or bedding as needed
  • Does not include bases or rings Drill & Tap for Bases
  • First hole $35.00
  • Each additional hole $10.00
  • Sights Installed $30.00
  • XDs that require milling $50.00
1911 & Clones

1911 & Clones

  • Beaver Tail Install     $75.00
  • Safety (single or ambidextrous)     $35.00
  • Main Spring Housing Install     $35.00
  • Replace & Re-fit Extractor     $35.00

Cut Dovetail into Front and/or Rear

  • Front OR Rear     $60.00
  • Both Front AND Rear     $100.00
  • Fit Barrel     $75.00
Stock Repair

Stock Repair

Cracked Stock POR
Install Recoil Pad $45.00



Prices available on request
  • Hot Bluing (Shiny, Satin, Matt Finishes)  POR
  • Parkerize     POR
  • DuraCoat® POR

background check

Contact Kansas Gun Works, LLC. about filling out the forms and the background check @ 1-785-550-0803 or email us at ksgunworks01@gmail.com.

item inspection

Jon Reed accomplishes this by inspecting guns to ensure safe mechanical operation. John Reed uses his in-depth knowledge of guns to guide these inspections: either repairing deficiencies; or notifying customers of unsafe conditions and taking steps to prevent catastrophic failures.

in-store pickup service

Once your services are rendered you will pick up your firearms in the store. You must have all proper paperwork filled out and approved before any firearm is released. You must have a valid id before pickup.

About Kansas Gun Works

Im a bowhunter. I like fishing and camping, Im big into prepping and survival. Companies I like and follow Remington, Glock, Springfield armory, Bravo Company USA. Im looking to help educate and inform viewers. Help them make educated decisions about there firearms and purchases. Click on the star to learn more about Gunsmith Jon Reed.